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So Huyuchi Village is one of the two villages availableafter passing Misty wood?BTW got 3 orbs with me and passed the misty wood already.

Well done! xD

And yes, Huyuchi Village is that one in the snowy place. It isn't available right now, but will be soon in the future. ^^


"Did he just swallow so loud it could be mistaken for a word?"


Some of the humor here is pretty rough, I know, but I just couldn't remove some of the original jokes xD


They're funny, I bet you worked very hard! It's awesome and funny.

Oh I'm happy to hear it! <3
And yes, I've been working on this story for years. It was originally a novel, and now I'm improving it and turning it into a game xD

Not sure where you are in the story right now, but there're 7 chapters out of 12 available. Chapter 5 is bugged but I already fixed it and will publish the update tomorrow so don't worry!


im a bit confused in the new chapter of the eye tentacle creature mission thing, what am I supposed to do? I found the library but I couldn't go in. Im guessing that i have to go to the church and talk to people first? I tried going to the building in front of the graveyard thinking it was the church but it isn't. What exactly am i supposed to do? If I'm supposed to find the church, where is it?

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OK, first of all, what part of the chapter are at, exactly?

Since you mentioned the library, I assume you're right after leaving Jeanne in Cindy's care, and Lianna reads the part of her master's letter that mentions the place. As it's already too late, Lianna goes to sleep and, on the following day, decides to check on Jeanne before heading to the library. If I got where you are right, that means you just have to go to Cindy's house again.

I'll add a scene where, if you try entering the library at this point, Lianna says "I should go to Cindy's house see how Jeanne is first" in case anyone else makes this understandable mistake. Sorry for the confusion!

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oh, what i meant is, after the mission with the kobold. Where Jeanne says that she'll go visit a local church and mao said he would talk to people. I went to the library but i couldn't go in.

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Ohhh! The current version of the game just ends at this point xD

Whenever you get a save prompt and see a message from the author (me lol) at the end of a chapter, you know it's the last one available.  If you didn't get that cutscene yet, please remember to pay the receptionist the fee to finish the chapter!

There'll be another update soon with a new sidequest and fixes (v0.7.1) and only after will chapter VIII be available (v0.8.0). Sorry for the confusion.

Feel free to explore more at this point (there're tons of secrets scattered on the game world) and, whenever you're done, save the game again inside Lianna's room. Once the next chapter is available, just load the game and it'll start automatically. (Btw, if you're playing the downloaded version, make sure to copy your save folder from the older version to the newest)

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed what you played so far! ^^


BTW, can we change class?

Well, not really. The characters have their own specialties set in lore and the most customization you can do is with their equipment (especially with the accessories). That said, their displayed class does change in certain points of the story (like a certain character who lies about their class, but not gonna spoil things here in the comments xD)


Hey, my game suddenly freeze when i'm talking to Cindy in the basement.

hmm this is really weird. freezing is usually the result of a cutscene trying to make you walk but there's an obstacle in the way...

when did it happen? was it during a specific chapter? does this happen every time or did it just happen once? (the web version tends to freeze or not load textures sometimes for some reason, but reloading usually solves it)

Deleted 274 days ago
Deleted 274 days ago
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I tried to restart the game and even my computer, but it's always freeze here,, it freeze every time it get to rhis scene. BTW i saved my game right before this scene so RIP it. (note: it freeze after cindy said: maybe you like this smell) or something simillar to it.


BTW i'm playing the 7.0


I tried to start over with the the mysterious orb but it still freeze there


yeah, it always freeze exactly after this scene, BTW work just fine when i/m moving to 6.1

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Okay, I managed to find the issue and it'll be solved in the next version. Thanks for pointing it out!

What's going on is that there's another box right in front of Mao that only shows up in chapter 7 (which released in v0.7.0). The box event is still there but invisible and impossible for the player to interact. The issue is that NPCs, unlike the player, can't walk through any events, even ones that haven't appeared yet. So in the cutscene Cindy was stuck trying to walk through a box that only appears in chapter 7 (which is why going back to v0.6.1, when the box didn't yet exist, solved it for you). The only way to find this kind of issue would be if I replayed all the previous chapters whenever a new one came out, which I didn't. So sorry for the trouble ;-;

Long story short, it's just the RPG Maker engine being dumb and me not being careful enough to imagine an asset added in chapter 7 would conflict with a cutscene in chapter 5. So thanks again for pointing that out!


BTW, can i read the novel?

Oh, unfortunately, I only wrote the first 3 chapters in english, and then rewrote the whole thing in portuguese ;-;

The game is the superior version tho, being made later and with way more new than cut content, so you're not missing out on much xD

I'm considering translating the whole novel after the game is finished tho!

Btw, after you finish chapter 6 on v0.6.1, make sure you copy your save folder to v0.7.0 so you can experience chapter 7. Just saying in case you forget lol

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*is still vibrating excitedly each time I play this game*  (^o^)

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oh gosh glad to hear it! xD

chapter 7 should come out either today or tomorrow btw, so stay tuned! (and don't turn airplane mode on or you'll miss it lol)


How soon is this game being updated? I had completed the game and also had a few questions about whether I've completed the game So Far & about Lianna (regarding the scene where Jeanne catches Lianna by the woods).

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The game just received a small update, but if you mean actual new content, chapter 7 is gonna be huge and should be out somewhere in april. So thanks for playing and I hope to see you there xD

But feel free to ask anything! I'll do my best to inform you without spoiling anything.

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Well you answered the first part of my question (: in which, thank you very much! I also had a question that would spoil a lot on the game So I'll just save it inside me haha :P

In that I hope still give you plenty of nice surprises in the future fufufu... Also, chapter 7 will be focused on Jeanne. Just saying ;-)


Your ideas make me wish to have known you to have worked with you, although you may have only desired this to be a solo work.. But I still wanted you to know how much I appreciate you doing this for us, it's something you knew would keep us entertained and it makes me crack a smile :)

Aww thanks a lot <3

I want to work solo on this one as it's a story I wrote a few years ago and is kind of my small passion project. But I'm still taking feedback and suggestions, if you have any ideas (especially for side content, as those weren't in the original novel and I'm kinda out of ideas xD)


My computer can't process the game anymore 😢

oh gosh...

are you getting some kind of error? are you playing the downloaded version? if you updated your system or something, you could try installing RPG maker's run time packages. they can be downloaded here:

I'd suggest you installing all of them just to be sure. I'm sorry for the trouble (/-;)


Crossed misty forest but nothing happened. How do i get the mythril orb?

It's because the next area isn't finished yet. Sorry for the confusion. (Though I believe you already have the orb and are just trying to break it to get the ore inside, right?)

The whole mithril quest line is gonna tie up with a side quest you can accept after chapter 7, so don't worry xD

It should be out either in v0.7.0 or v0.7.1. I hope to see you there! ^^


I got a new computer so it's time to restart everything :'D. Well at least i can get to see if i'll keep the animal alive this time X

Oh gosh I'm so sorry ;-;
If you'd like I could send you one of the save files I use to playtest. I THINK I have at least one for each chapter.

Either way, I hope you have fun!


oh my gosh that would be amazing! Please do 🙏🙏🙏

OK in that case, where would you like to start? right at the end of chapter 5? (before paying the receptionist and the BBQ scene)


is chapter 5 the one where we get the mithril? Cause I remember I last ended on the chapter where we got the mithril but didn’t give it to the guild 

oh that was chapter 4! thankfully I have a save file right in front of the fight against the two golems that guard the orb, and another in the exact moment chapter 5 starts (with the orb already in the inventory, without having been handed over to the specialist guy). which one would you like?


How do i activate mithril side quest?

There are two ways: 

To do it early you need to find the "mysterious" orb inside the ruins in chapter 4 (if you missed it, no way to go back, I'm sorry.)

The other, more accessible way is to finish a side quest for Mappi Village's chief that will become available either on 0.7.0 or 0.7.1.

The whole mithril side quest line is still unfinished so don't worry. You're not missing out on much (^^) Once the game is released you should be able to do everything as early as chapter 4-5, but right now I'm developing it slowly alongside the main story, so it'll take a while before you can do it.


So can you give me the instruction for this 'mysterious' orb? Where can i get it?

Well, there are 3 optional rooms in the maze that are the ruins you explore in chapter 4, and one of them has the orb. It would kill all the fun to give the exact directions, but it isn't very difficult to find that room, as the way to the end of the ruins is a pretty distinct corridor. So you just need to try exploring the areas before it.

There's also a small "pattern" to the teleporters and the walls around them (and whether they take you somewhere nice or take you nowhere), so once you realize it things become pretty easy, I promise. Just stack up on potions (or just flee from the battles).

Well then, have fun! xD

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Just finished chapter 6, that was a lot of plot developments. Loving how this is turning out,  but my debt to the Guild (debt to the Skam'mer family) suddenly shrunk from around 2000 to 1300. Not sure what happened there, but that might need checking.  I may be remembering this wrong, but that might need checking. 

(I may also just be remembering it wrong)

Also, this interaction was pure perfection:

*Casts dispersion magic*

*Nothing happens*

*Jumps out of nearby window*

Keep up the amazing work!  \ (^o^) /

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Ohh glad to see you enjoyed it! xD

As for the debt, just checked here in the event files and in chapter 4 you go from owning 2200 to 1800, then in chapter 5 it goes to 1500 and now in chapter 6 goes to 1300. But I'll check in game later to make sure lol thanks for the feedback!

In that last interaction though, maybe I should have conveyed it better by giving Lianna some sort of reaction, because the dissipate magic DID work and remove the spell the creature had previously cast on her (not giving any details in the comment for spoiler reasons)

Also, I'm surprised you're keeping track of the Skam'mer name. It's going to be important later on, trust me. Though I have to say the debt is to the Guild, not the Skam'mer family (they actually do make business with the Guild and own another powerful organization, but not saying anything else! xD)

At any rate, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR PLAYING! Despite the slow updates, I put a lot of love on this project and it fills me of joy knowing you're playing and having fun with it. I hope to see you again soon for chapter 7! (^^)/

*Vibrates excitedly for v0.6.0*

Well, your timing was perfect, because I just released the new version! I hope you have fun xD


Thanks :)

Mappi Village side quest here I come!


As soon as I get coppers for the Guru lol

well after the update this side quest can only be done after the short main mission on chapter 6 so yeah. but if you accepted the job before the update, you should still be able to complete it xD


Done the latest chapter, amazing story, but what do I do with the mythril orb? I am using my old save file from 0.4, or is that just not in the game yet? would like to know, and keep up the amazing work :)

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Oh thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it! xD

As for the mithril ore, don't worry. It ties up to a series of side quests I'm slowly adding to the game. v0.6 will expand on it just a bit (but you still won't be able to use the mithril ore), and either v0.7.0 or 0.7.1 should give you access to the place you can finally use it to craft mithril equipment. In the final version, you should be able to do all that as early as chapter 4 or 5, but for now I'm focusing on the main content while slowly developing the side quests, so I'm sorry for the confusion. For now, just feel free to talk to the blacksmith at the back of his shop as the hooded guy said and remember his instructions.

Also, v0.6.0 should be finished and available next week on my Patreon, and one week later for everyone playing free, so stay tuned and I hope to see you again! (^^)/

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Chapter 4 was nice, but after I finished it all and did the donkey quest, when I went back to the receptionist I had 310 coppers, and I needed 300, right? But it said I didn't have enough! So I went out, and got it to 324 coppers, and STILL nothing.  In the previous chapters, I didn't need to have it exactly on the copper number, which I think is what I need, so maybe you had a slight error in the coding, or? Because I can't exactly continue my file.

(EDIT: I bought stuff to lower it down to 300, and that didn't work either. So what's up with my file??)

I honestly have no idea! maybe I messed up while programming and set the check for  400 coppers (like in the previous chapter I think). I'm going to check it out asap and reply again. sorry for the issue (/_;)


It's fine, but if this was a coding error or whatever, I'm surprised that no one found out about this. :/ whatever,  you don't need to do it asap but you're probably doing since I'm replying late

Well, it's as I thought. I accidentally set the copper check to 400+ instead of 300. This will be fixed in the next update.

Don't worry though. Despite the game checking if you have 400 or more, you will only be losing 300 after paying, so you can just sell some old equipment or do the small herb gathering side quest to complete the 400. Sorry again for the trouble!

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Aaand, welp, shoot. Looks like I lost all of my save data for some reason, i'm on the browser version but whatever, i'll just play back up to the point I was at if I wanna I guess. Can't wait for the next chapter once I make it there anyway!

(1 edit)

oh gosh that's really troubling! other people seem to have lost their save data after the game updated too for some reason, even though itch SHOULD be keeping it ;-; (and does keep it 90% of the time)

but if playing the windows version (the downloaded one) is an option to you, I can give you one of my save files on whatever point in the game you stopped! also, chapter 6 is already in development, so it should be out either by the end of this month or the beginning of february xD


I loved the new chapter! It took me days and there are spelling errors but a great game. Even though I can't figure out the donkey quest great game! Can't wait for next chapter!

oh I'm glad to hear it! xD

why did it take you days though? was it the difficulty? remember that you  don't have to defeat the wargs, just survive 6 turns and go with Cindy's plan. there are usually benefits from "failing" the quests too ;-)

as for the donkey quest, I don't know where you got stuck, but just follow the directions the NPCs give you. the receptionist points you east, so just head to the same area you gathered the ingredients for Cindy and cross the bridge, which will give you access to the village beyond. there you just need to talk to the client inside the inn by the village's entrance, and he will tell you where to look for the donkey.

I wish there was a way to display the current quests' objectives and directions on the menu, but the engine doesn't allow that by default, so you just need to go from your memory. ;-;(thankfully, you're probably never gonna do more than 1 side quest at once, so it's very unlikely that you'll advance the game and forget about a low level quest lol)

and yeah, spelling mistakes are gonna be a thing for a while (no matter how many times I playtest, some always get through lol)

and thanks a bunch for playing! <3


It took me days because I lost accidentally send all my money and kept dying trying to get it. (also forgot to save at this one point)

ohhh okay, that sounds reasonable xD

(just realized I wrote an essay as a reply dang. sorry about that lol)

hope you had fun anyway!


Don't worry I did!


My old save data disappeared ;-;
I was at the end of the chapter where you get lost in the dungeon and everyone starts dissapearing. Is there a way to get that progress back without replaying the whole thing?


Holy macaroni!!!

If you play the browser version, should be saving all your data, which is carried on after the game updates. But for some reason there was another person whose save files disappeared too for some reason. Unfortunaly, there's nothing I can do about that ;-; (believe me, I searched A LOT). But it seems it's just the site being weird.

If you play the windows (downloadable) version though, just copy your "save" folder from the old version into the new one.


NOOOOOOOOO WE COULDNT TAKE THE CATNIP TWT but also my ship has sailed!!! It warms my heart that even though Mao likes guys, he still accepts and likes Lianne for who she is. I would like if there was like a gallery to where we can see the pictures and the pictures would play the cutscene cause i would like to experience it again. Overall i love your game!!!

OMG thank you so much! I'm glad you're having this much fun! <3

Yeah the catnip isn't available for sale (the incense is tho!), but it'll show up in the sotry again, no worries xD

The case of Mao liking Lianna despite being into guys is a little more confusing btw. But I won't spoil anything so soon sorry!

And yeah the gallery could be a nice idea. While I don't find a way of making one, I never encrypt the pictures, so you can download the windows version, then search for the folder "img" then "pictures". Everything is in there xD


I can't save 😢

there's 1 or 2 moments in the game where saving is disabled for just a couple of minutes to avoid a game-breaking bug. If you've tried saving in one of such unfortunate times, just keep playing and it will be available after the next cutscene. I'm sorry for the problem my amateur programming has caused (/_;)


It's okay


I forgot to say this but it was a great game, took me two days to complete, but a great game, died twice, but wonderful game

can't wait for the next past!

well, I'm glad to hear it! xD

maybe you've already realized it at this point, but you're not expected to complete every mission perfectly. (actually, "failure" sometimes has its own rewards, like unlocking side quests or just getting funnier scenes lol)

chapter 5 is coming out tomorrow btw, so I hope to not disappoint (^^)/




and also im going to hunt for all the secrets especially the diaries.

ohhh then good luck on your search! xD

there's only one diary in the game so far, but you can expect at least 4 to be in the final version. so you may want to consider exploring old areas again after the final version (with all 12 chapters) is out somewhere next year (hopefully)


I can't find where the six medicine herbs are.. Can someone help me? :[

they're the spiky grass you see everywhere, the same "herb" item. they're primary source of healing in the game, actually, so I imagine you've already been using them for a while xD


cute cat ears go BRRRRRRRRT


wise words. wise words xD


i a g r e e w i t h M a o , L i a n n a k i n d a r a c i s t n o t g o n n a l i e

absolutely! you shouldn't make assumptions of people just because they have cute cat ears! xD


wait, you made the game and the speech right?

Doesn't that you racist...

wait, so how does anyone write about anything negative?
I can write a character that likes pineapple pizzle without liking it myself xD


w a i t



I meant pizza, sorry lol


If you bring up pineapple pizza again. I will personally come to your house and tear your limbs off.


tbh same


I finally played chapter IV and I loved it! you're doing a great job, don't worry;) Mao and Lianna's little fight were cute lol I feel for Jeanne XD I kinda want to see Jeanne's other side more often lol. and I might gonna love the staff-like monster, though I was worried it would be so strong like the lich and i would have to fight it ;; I can't wait for the next chapter! ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Ohhhh I'm really happy to hear it! <3

I wonder how many people were disappointed with the final "boss" tho lol. Let's hope he doesn't pull Lianna's leg at night after being left under her bed xD As for Jeanne's psycho side, you'll see plenty of it in the future when the time comes, I assure you fufufu...

The next chapter is gonna take a while, but maybe I can release some side quest meanwhile, and hopefully the wait is gonna be worth it.

But well, I hope to see you again then! (^^)/


nah im glad as hell i didn't have to fight it cuz i almost got bonked by golem:') I can't wait for Jeanne's psycho side, and I hope she will be confident about her actual ability later

Side quests would be fun. Take your time! We'll be here waiting for u~


I JUST FINISHED IT AND I LOVE IT!!! I like how Mao is opening up and the little teaser about his backstory! Jeanne is so cute! I can't wait to see more interactions between Mao and Lianna. Though im a lil worried about the monster she put under her bed ;;; i feel like it'll come to life but maybe itll help.  I can't wait for the next update!!

OHH I'm really glad to hear it!! xD

Maybe next chapter will bring a nice surprise involving Mao and Lianna, hmm... but no spoilers! And yeah, let's not hope that monster doesn't come back as a boogeyman lol

The next chapter is gonna take a while but hopefully it'll be worth the wait! I hope to see you there (^^)/


Of course! The story is just so interesting and i really can't wait to see what happens next (^o^)/


I JUST FINISHED!!! AH! i loved it!! i love how the story is going and im so excited for more, i cant wait to see how the characters develop together, over all , i will be happily waiting for the next installment   <3

OMGOMG so disabling the auto start worked in the end! now I know using it is a bad idea lol. sorry for the... technical issues. ;w;

anyway, THANKS A LOT! I'm really happy to see you liked the latest chapter <3<3

chapter 5 is gonna take a while, but hopefully I can add a fun side quest in the middle so people don't forget the game meanwhile. also, chapter 5 is going to bring some development I'm sure is well awaited at this point, so stay tuned! xD

well then, thanks for playing and I hope to see you again soon (^^)/


it hasn't been letting me play, I've been trying to play the update on my browser and it doesn't let me T-T

oh gosh T-T

and you've already played it before, which is so weird!

I'll try disabling the game from auto starting as soon as the page loads, as that's the only change I really did. hopefully that works ;-;


  I liked the new chapter. Also, you are doing a good job at telling the story you are trying to tell so far. I'm excited to see how the plot progresses.

  Your game is like one of those books where you can stop turning the pages. Before I know it there are no more pages to turn. I find myself being really disappointed when I reached the end of the chapter because I know that I have to take a break from reading/playing your awesome story.

With that said, good luck with college and inktober!

(1 edit) (+1)

OMG thank you so much! <3

I'm really glad to see you've liking it so far, and I hope things will stay like this to the end. But yeah, sorry for the small hiatus, but work calls! xD

Hopefully meanwhile I can add a new side quest to keep people with something to do, or maybe you could explore for secrets if you care about that (trust me, there's quite a few hidden stuff lying around). There're also different routes/endings to quests but no way I can ask you to replay the whole thing lol

Again, thanks a lot and I hope to see you again! (^^)/


ooooh i cant wait for the next update TwT the suspense is too much!

oh I'm happy to hear that xD

you arrived at jus the right time, actually, as the next chapter should be out this weekend!


omg really?!?! Im so excited for it!!!

not sure if you've already played it, but it's already out xD



(1 edit) (+1)

So far I love the game~! I'm at the part where they say their names. I just don't really like Lianna right now. The part where she says his name is cute kind of makes my uncomfy. I hope she gets some development, other than that it's great so far!

Edit: Jeanne saying "ara ara" seems out of place and makes me uncomfortable

Oh my, thanks a lot! xD
It seems this little game made you pretty uncomfortable. that wasn't the intention I swear (mostly). I bet Mao didn't like Lianna saying his name was cute one bit as well lol (despite it sounding like a meow)

As for Jeanne, her "ara ara" is anything but out of place. If you didn't get her personality yet, I'm sure you will eventually. Just keep in mind that she isn't what she seems to be at all, but ends letting her true nature come out by accident now and then ;)

And yeah, this is a comedy story 99% of the time, but with *a few* layers underneath. I hope you'll keep around to uncover them, and hopefully keep enjoying it (^^)/


Don't get me wrong I loved this game and can't wait for the next chapter! These we're just some things i didn't like lol. 

oh I'm really happy to hear it xD

I guess it's a good sign if you enjoyed it despite those things lol

chapter 4 should be done within 1-2 weeks btw!


cool cool


I really enjoyed playing the game!
The story was interesting and I loved it :>>  

Really happy to hear it! xD

The next chapter should be out this month, so I hope you'll stay around! (^^)/


Hi, I just wanted to say that I really like this game! It's been a while since I have played an RPG maker game and thought that it wasn't terrible. You have done a very good job so far. I would even go as far as to say this game is good and the story has a lot of potentials.

  I also really like the main character because I am able to empathise and relate with them very well, which means you did a good job as a writer. I almost feel like the main character is a self-insert for me except my parent's aren't complete assholes lol.
  In any case, I hope you keep working on the game!


I'm really happy to hear this. Thank you so much! It took quite a deal of courage to write a character such as Lianna and publish this game, but readings comments such as this tells me it was the right choice.

Also, chapter 4 is already in development and should be out in just a few weeks. I hope you'll stay around till then, and that this story I poured so much love in also won't disappoint (^^)/


That's great! I will definitely be keeping track of the game while I wait for the next chapter!


Fun little game with funny and quirky characters that bring a smile to your face. I love it!

Really happy to know you enjoyed my little game! I hope to see you around for chapter 4 (^^)/


I love it

edit: Im too lazy to say why and stuff


no need to say anything else. I'm just happy you liked it xD

(2 edits) (+2)

I love this game. I am quite interested  in the story and where it is leading in the future. What was most interesting were the characters and their personalities. I like how you twist some archetypes for example the paladin who wears white shining armor but is actually not a paladin and her personality suddenly changes to a sadist.  Which was really interesting. It was fun to see the interactions between Mao and  the main character. Although the secret of the Main Character was subtly shown,  i think i have a rough idea on what it is.  The gameplay s quite simple like a traditional rpg. Was a little bummed that it was 3 chapters for now but at least there is something to look forward to. Can't wait to see the upcoming chapters and hope progress is going well  :D!

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:  


I'm out of words! Thank you so much!!! And yeah, being a story driven experience, I didn't want to make the gameplay any more complex than the RPG Maker's default. But I'm really glad you liked this small, quirky cast xD

The next chapter is already in development, and should come out in just a few weeks. I hope to see you again there! (^^)/

Oh, and thank you for recording the gameplay! I was quite surprised to see my little game on Youtube! I'll make sure to share your channel on Instagram, where I'm the most present ^^


when i tell you I LOVED THIS GAME!!! i played chapters none stop until i beat them, I fell in love with the story the characters the art style everything!!! And i cant wait to find out more in the new updates (especially find out more about the characters and their back story's ) over all AMAZING GAME deserves all the love and attention <3

OMG I have no idea how to even reply to this! thank you so much!!!!! <3<3

I'm already working on the next chapter and it should be finished in just a few weeks if everything goes right. I hope I won't disappoint (^^)/

(And ohh I think you'll be surprised once their backstories are finally explored xD)

(1 edit) (+1)

Trans and wlw rights! :3


Absolutely! xD

I actually considered coloring the game title with the trans flag's colors at some point, but settled with the ones in Lianna's clothes in the end.


is it for 32 bit pc

it should run in both 32 and 64 bit windows. but if it doesn't, you can try downloading the RTP (run time package) from RPG maker's official website.

and if it still doesn't work for some reason, the last option is just playing the web version on android (at least this one absolutely worked with everyone so far)

I hope that helps (^^)v


Thanks any way


this is so cute and fun! I really enjoy the experience. thank you for such a great game, i'll look forward for the updates


OMG I'm so happy to hear it! If all goes well, the next chapter should be finished next month xD

I hope I won't disappoint! (^^)/

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