Lianna was a young Dark Magician who, after leaving her home village, moved to the city of Eastwall, capital of the frontier beween the world known to humans and the unexplored lands to the east, region known as the World's Edge. There, she would begin a new life with a new identity while following the instructions given by her Master.

Wearing her recently bought pointy hat, on her way to joining the Adventurers' Guild, she bumped into a boy with cat ears, native to those lands. Maybe she would have experienced love at first sight, if not for the fact that, as she a little too late realized, her coin pouch was nowhere to be seen — and the culprit, the cat boy from earlier. That was only the beginning of her troubles, however, as her unwillingness to cope such unfairness let to a small ruckus inside the Guild's hall, both being tied up to chairs and blackmailed into paying an unreasonable sum in order not to be reported to the authorities.

With no other choice, Lianna was forced to team up with the sneaky boy with feline traits, as well as noble Paladin with an angel-like smile but sadistic tendencies later on, in order to reach something resembling financial stability in that world where things hardly ever went as planned.

Updated 29 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withPixiJS, RPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Romance, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Can please someone tell how to pass a north forest? Because a tried to pass over a hour and being teleported to begin of forest.

The intended way is for you to get the solution from somewhere else first. Try talking to the guys standing at the entrance. They may have something helpful to say ;)


I finally passed by writing every pattern of moving on paper. Maybe i being dumb but i didnt understood from the poem where to go or not.

Oh gosh you even already had the poem? The guy says you have to follow the cardinal directions but yeah, it's easy to forget lol

Good job on brute forcing your way through tho xD (by doing that you can get past without ever going to Mappi Village so good speedrun idea)


i dunno if this is legal to share or not, but actually there is some object left by Tiagox during development (to remember where he set the correct direction i think) beside the correct path entrance.

I mean, it isn't illegal to share tips for a game but yeah xD

I used the rocks to help me keep track of the right way forward while designing the place, and they're still a little reliable. Tho the intended way is to get the solution from Mappi Village, which you should already have access to by the time you can enter the Misty Woods (after finishing Cindy's quest). You can either pay the guru to "read your fortune", or finish the donkey quest and wait for chapter 7 to get it from the lake monster quest.

I assume most people get their first orb from the Mappi quest anyway, which gives you all you need to cross the woods. Things only get this convoluted if you happen to stumble on the first orb REALLY early, in chapter 4.

(Btw, there's some hidden treasure in the Misty Woods in the place you'd least expect. *wink wink*)

(1 edit) (+1)

Gotta go to search it XD i searched everywhere from well, box and barrel to rocks and logs and every corners of eastwall's fountain and holes in graveyard,any hint for the one in Misty Wood??


I really loved the game!


also the storyline, I was looking for something like this!


Kinda sad It's over, but I had a lot of fun!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

But well, it isn't totally over yet. I'm still working on the final chapter and side quests, which should come out next month. I hope you'll be there! xD




It would be cool if there were any tower or something that would sent continuous waves of enemies which would only get harder after each wave(and a prize for clearing it like weapon or spell).

What about the "other world" quest? Have you added it?

That's actually a really cool idea for some post game content! It'd be a nice way of challenging yourself after clearing all other content xD

But what do you mean "other world" tho? The only 2 new side quests I have planned for the final release are the final part of huyuchi village's story, and another more minor side quest.


You know after completing the ruins chapter if you go back to the ruins you would get a dairy.are you going to make a sidequest of it?

Ohhhh I see. Well, it's in my plans to do something with it, yes. Tho rn there're only 2 parts of the diary around. Expect to be a third one in the final release xD


I found an even worse bug concerning the swamp, once you enter you can't come back, "lets hurry up and rescue jean (and mulach)" when you try to leave.
The people are in their thanking state & the diary is working just to let you know.

The detail with Mulach's wanted poster is a nice touch. ;-;

I thought Jeane was reacting that way at the door because that might have been where the church took her but instead it was her residence.

the quest that allows you to obtain the 4th mysterious orb is bugged  as such that it doesn't appear in the guild as a quest (the Mappi village chiefs orb)

I'm curious as to what would happen if you used Cindy's incense in the Skam'mer fight.

There are several places where you can walk over counters now such as the hyuchi alchemist.

(4 edits) (+1)

Oh gosh I messed up pretty bad there! I forgot to add a state for the exit after you beat the boss. It's gonna be fixed in the next patch, as well as the walking on counters thing.

(And by people in their thanking state you mean the spider family? Yeah they're gonna disappear once chapter 12 starts. Some stuff get weird in the early access limbo between chapters lol)

As for the Mappi Village orb quest, did you complete the talking donkey one first? It's a requirement (as well as being at the end of chapter 7 or later). If you did all that and it still didn't show up, try leaving and returning to the Guild. I'm gonna test it out myself too tho. (Edit: just tested it and it seems to be working fine.)

Also, humans are immune to cindy's incense, so it shouldn't work unless I messed up somewhere lol

And thanks a lot for pointing all those out! xD (and sorry again for all the trouble my awful programming brought lmao)

Edit 2: just released an update with all the fixes since I'm starting chapter 12 now lol


Hi. I really enjoyed the latest two chapters. I felt chapter 9 portrayed Lianna's eventual realization of her gender really well.

Found one minor "error" in the guild. It it turns out there are some papers identical to the ones on the master's floor on the guild desk, so Lianna's party can now walk over the desk in that spot.


Ohhh my bad! I changed the way the papers worked in the guest room but didn't consider what would happen to them in other places lol. Thanks for pointing that out!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter xD (I only hope not to disappoint with the last patch now)


I'm gonna be happy when chapter 12 is out, and sad because the game would end then. 🥹😭

All things must come to an end unfortunately ;-;
I have plans on adding some post game content in the future tho, but no promises!

Also I'm glad you're enjoying it xD


nice game can't wait until the next chapter comes out

Oh wow! Already finished chapter 11?

12 is gonna be the last one. Hopefully it'll come out in december xD


Will there be another character in another class?or can Mao or lliana change class? There is some interesting class in the app data,

Sometimes characters change classes as part of the story (tho it's mostly just the name, like Jeanne starting as a Paladin with no spells but revealing she is actually a Dark Paladin and finally being able to cast spells). If Mao or Lianna ever do it in the future, it's probably just gonna be an "upgrade" to their current one.

The first 8 classes in the game date are the default ones that come ready in RPGM. I only use them as templates for my custom ones xD

That said, you can expect to see more playable characters in the post game. I have 2 more planned, but no promises rn ;)

(Btw, I'm just finishing up translating the next update. It should come out this weekend!)

It says "developer has not uploaded a witch hat yet" and can't play.

My bad. I forgot to delete the unused files while exporting the game, and the browser version ended being too large for Itch. I'm so used to things working smooth I didn't even consider checking if the game was running lol

It should be alright now. Thanks for pointing it out!


You're one of the fastest replying developer in itch i've ever found.

I just check the notifications (almost) every day xD

(I guess being a fairly unknown developer has its advantages lol)


Oh my god. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I found this game about twelve hours ago and I’ve just finished Chapter 9 and yes I just spent my whole Saturday playing games but oh my god I don’t regret one second of it.

I’m gonna first talk a little bit about all the things this game gets right. I’ll try keep it mostly spoiler-free, for those of you reading this.

1. The combat. It’s fair and extremely balanced, which is well above par for RPGMaker games. By level 8, which was where I was at upon finishing the game, I’d unlocked something like 20 skills/spells between my three characters in total, and aside from, like, two of those (Silence and Wide Slash), I ended up using them all regularly in various battles depending on the enemy and what the situation called for. That’s huge for a game engine which is notorious for being mindless single-skill-spam. The difficulty curve seems fairly balanced—though I’d argue both Jeanne and uh, what’s-her-name, the other girl you get temporarily in that mountain-village to the north. They’re both a little strong for when you unlock them (though I mean I got to the mountains real early). Anyways, it’s not particularly hard to progress through the story combat-wide, but most chapters’ main quests have some sort of “optional challenge” that you can do to test your strategy (and item supply). And oh boy did I feel like a maniac when I decided to ignore Cindy’s plan. That battle was super tight. The optional challenges are uniquely tough, all relatively different, and rewarding. Money is handled so well—it never feels like you’re rich enough to get everything you want, you’re always stuck on that edge, choosing between saving to get more equipment and stocking up on needed healing items. The balance is extremely well-handled. There’s a bunch of other minor things that make the game feel fluid and fair: you can get critical hits but enemies can’t, there’s a bestiary which lets you plan for and strategize against enemies, and (I think, I didn’t test it too much) running away from random encounters always works on the first turn. 

2. The story. I genuinely picked up this game just cause I thought it was cute. I had absolutely zero idea about Lianna—and gosh, on that first chapter when she started sizing her reflection up and judging herself and then all of a sudden I realized what was going on and I put together the little clues that had been dropped and god did that hit hard. In fact, all of Lianna’s dialogue relating to those struggles is so perfect. Her voice throughout the game is one that’s not without personality, but also one that I found really relatable. It’s common in games with decent stories that the main protagonist just chooses to act a certain way or makes a decision because “plot” or because “that’s their character”. And inevitably in such games, I find myself annoyed at the protagonist because they’re (from my perspective) being stupid. Lianna doesn’t do that. The choices she makes and the emotions she feels are well-presented and her voice shines strongly in this. (So does Mao’s, though I feel like he’s easier to get right.) Some of the scenes I just want to give a huge shoutout to, because they are wonderful: that scene at the end of chapter 1, the scene/atmosphere when Lianna breaks down in the ancient ruins, and Mao’s dialogue after the kobold cave raid.

3. Foreshadowing. I mentioned some of this before with chapter 1, but: the story’s just so well-written. You get hints without even realizing it, and then when it all comes together it’s extremely satisfying. It’s like the feeling of reading a particularly good book. Maybe about the adventures of a certain witch? Oblique self-referential analogies aside, the foreshadowing extends beyond just the story. The first time you step out of your inn and explore the town you’re in, you’re already getting clues to the world and the people in it. Every single house you see—though all but a few shops are inaccessible—plays a role in the plot. I’m so excited to see how this story pays off in the last few chapters because I just know it’s going to be wonderful.

4. Art. I came for cute. It was cute.

I was also gonna mention a few minor things I disliked about the game, but honestly, this comment is so long I think I’ll just stop here. Though, I will say. The sound effect of a curtain opening only plays in one ear and as soon as you hear it once you can’t unhear it.

Thank you so much for making this. This was a Saturday well-spent.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh. My. God! Thanks a lot for the comment/review! You just made my day! xD

I'd like to address some of the points you made if you don't mind. First, yeah, the balancing. RPGM has quite a robust combat system actually, but it's a little too easy to get caught up on numbers, usually making things difficult by making them big, and balancing that out by giving the player bigger numbers as well (either on stats or skills). One thing I wanted to do from the start is make every skill feel useful all the way to the end, even Lianna's starting Embers skill, so I made sure every skill is distinct and has a right context to use. That said, it can be pretty easy to cheese some fights by spamming blind and stun effects, and stacking Mao with buffs. Some enemies (especially bosses) are resistant or immune to those effects tho, so I hope I'm keeping players from sticking to one single strategy.

In lore (the novel I never released and just decided to turn into this game instead) Jeanne is way more powerful than Lianna and Mao,  so the solution to give scenes tension was usually to get her busy with other enemies (or hit her head and pass out lol) but I felt like it'd feel wrong in the having a party member so much powerful, so I stripped her of most of offensive spells, and only left her mostly as a support unit (until you unlock her lv9 skill, which still requires her to lose health to be used effectively). As for Shida (the wolf boy from the north), he feels so powerful partially because he was balanced around Huyuchi Village's second quest, which will be unlocked in chapter 12, and because some of his item slots are locked, so you won't have as much freedom in building as the main characters.

Keeping the player feeling broke all the time is also part of the intended experience, but it was a bit hard balancing that with the fact you should have enough money to buy better equipment now and then, and that you can just grind infinite coppers from some tedious ways (which I know some people might just exploit. I'd do that too lol). In the end I just tried balancing the experience around a player who finds half of the hidden treasures. If you explore too little, you'll have to be really good at the game or just walk around previous areas grinding, which may accidentally lead you to find the treasure you left behind. If you explore everything, you're rewarded get OP on most fights, and being strong enough to do the hardest ones, which you're usually supposed to run away from.

Making things out the way they are now took months of work tho. In the oldest versions getting rich was a bit too easy too. Looks like it all paid off in the end, from your experience. I'm glad. xD

As for the story, I worked really hard on it back when it was still a novel, rewriting some stuff several times, having a friend read all of it etc. It's only my second story of this scale, but probably the one I poured the most love in, made the most research about, and wrote with the intention of being a positive influence on the reader's (or I suppose player's now) lives. So I'm really, really glad you enjoyed it <3

As for the art, glad you liked it! ^^ (Also, cute is justice!)

And the curtain sound effect, wow I'd never notice if you hadn't mentioned it since I play on speakers! I found the issue and it was just me editing the sound without knowing what it does properly lol. It's gonna be fixed on the next update (tho I'm certain I'm gonna miss some curtains, since I'll have to edit them one for one).

If there's anything else bothering you, please don't be afraid to tell! This is my first game and, while I'm working really hard on it, I still have much more to learn. xD

Feel free to ask anything else about the project too, as long as it isn't spoilers.

And wow I ended writing a reply just as big as the original comment. I'm so sorry! xD

Anyway, I'm really happy you enjoyed my little game. There's still some content left to go, so I hope you'll stick around to the end. I plan on releasing both chapter 10 and 11 together in one update this month. I hope not to disappoint! (^^)/

(1 edit)

a minor thing I found out is that if you don't push the boulder you can go back to the swamp & if you knock on the door the spider fight again re-triggers, I discovered this while thinking about how you sometimes add secret loot usually after completing an area.

I thought about how this could be used to grind exp, but I ended up having to pay the guild staff member twice.

I don't feel that this has to be patched as once you push the boulder into the water you can't come back to the swamp.

Also I changed my itch profile to the image of Shida blushing ♡.

P.S. I don't know if I cropped the image well 😅


Oh gosh you really are a pro at finding bugs xD

Thanks for pointing it out, the issue is gonna be fixed in the next patch.  It happened because I forgot to add an event page to the door allowing you to go back inside after everything is done, so it just repeats the previous cutscene that triggers the bossfight lol

The boulder is only a shortcut tho. You first cross the swamp by taking a roundabout path through the left, but I added a boulder you can push into the water so you have a quicker way across. You only can't go back to the cabin right after the bossfight, but once you progress a little in the main story the path opens up again.

Also OMG that Shida profile pic surprised me!  😭<3

(1 edit) (+1)

Tiagox I must point out that there are issues with the orb sidequest now as i can't find a point where it doesn't say "there is no reason to be taking this path"  & the blacksmith isn't there to invoke progression, I spent half an hour to try out every way to access it now in 9.0 with the help of the debug window & I can't find a time when the blacksmith is there. There is no way to obtain the mithril gear or explore any of the snow area if the player didn't carry over files with the area unlocked & gear bought already,

Edit: also neither the talking donkey & Mappi village sidequests appear on the board at any time now.

That's really weird! Sorry you had this issue.

You need to talk to the actual Eastwall blacksmith (the guy  at the back with the forge), not his apprentice (the one on the counter). In order for the quest to progress, you need to have at least one mysterious orb in your inventory (either from chapter 4's dungeon, from the area behind the kobold king or from the lake monster quest) and having heard the password from the mysterious guy (either on chapter 4 or by completing the lake monster quest).

This is a really complex  quest that ties up with several others and may be progressed in quite a number of ways, so it's possible I messed up somewhere. If that's the case, I'm really sorry! ;-;

Also, the debug window will only advance you through the main quest. You still need to do all the side quests yourself, so using it shouldn't do any good in this case.

I'll check again all the quest flags, but for now what I can tell you is that the donkey sidequest becomes available at the end of chapter 6, right before you pay the receptionist. (If it doesn't show up, either advancing to chapter 7 or reentering the guild building should do it).  And for the lake monster quest only becomes available after you have both the donkey siquest and chapter 7 at the stage you have to pay the receptionist.

I hope that helps!


I meant to send this 16 hours after you replied bu there was a blackout the very moment before I hit send :(

The blacksmith himself is gone & never reappears at any point in any playthrough in V0.9.0 & the donkey quest never appears on the board.   (this is kind of a deja-vu callback of the invisable box preventing progression in chapter 5 again in a way 😅)

I have now at this point in time seen the message at the end of chapter 9 & wonder if you removed the blacksmith on purpose since you said you might make it a sequel to the story.

I can now say I have learned how to carry over game files manually on pc now because of this game 😅🙂.

I think I'm going to try starting a new playthrough for myself when I get time with the V0.7.0 launcher to grind & buy all 3 rings & the elemental cloak, then copy those files to a V0.8.0 launcher for the mithril gear & access to the mountains, then copy those files over to the version 0.9 launcher so I have a op playthrough to continue from just for myself since Jeane & Mao seem noticeable less powerful now without the mithril gear against enemies in the late game that aren't encountered while backtrack grinding.

Was the second mountain area blocked off by the bird man implemented in the update 🙂?

I swear the kobolds soaked up a lot more damage before as when I faced them recently as they individually died a lot more easily than when I did before when each party member was 2 levels higher & had better gear. 😖

P.S. over the span of 5 different playthroughs from start to whatever the latest available chapter when the game was only in 0.7.0 to now I have spent easily over 50 hours of playtime relishing this masterpiece ♡.

(3 edits) (+1)

Oh gosh I'm sorry you went through all that 😭

The blacksmith shouldn't have states that cause him to disappear or be teleported somewhere else on the map or anything. He is supposed to be there at all times. I'm gonna check again. There's always a small thing that somehow gets away lol

(Btw the sequel thing is already the mithril/Huyuchi village thing, as well as most side quests. Since I don't plan on releasing a sequel to the game, I'm taking ideas I was saving for the novel's sequel and using them on side content for the game xD)

Also, the path the bird guy is blocking isn't available yet. It's gonna be part of Huyuchi village's second quest, which I'll release along with chapter 12.

As for the kobolds, honestly I can't remember when I last tweaked their stats lol. That said, all damage calculations have a 20% variance so it's hard to tell if anything changed or it was just RNG.

Either way, I'm happy you're enjoying my little game that much despite my terrible programming! (T_T)<3

Thank you and I hope you stick around to the end!

Edit.: I found the issue! The smith was supposed to have 2 states, one before you do the Huyuchi Village quest, and one after. But somehow I deleted his first state and replaced it with a copy of the second, so I had to copy the files from a previous version and merge them together! I've no idea how I managed to mess up that badly, but I did lmao. I'm so sorry! I'm uploading v0.9.1 with the fix now!

(1 edit) (+1)

im doing the talking donkey side quest but i dont know where to go. 😭

What part of it are you on? first you have to cross the woods you do the quest for Cindy, ten go to Mappi Village's inn near the entrance. The client is sitting at the corner. He will tell you the place he last was with the donkey was in the trail between there and Eastwall (the place you've already been to). Now just do some detective work. The place is pretty small so it won't be difficult ;)


well, when i tried to leave the city, liana said  "it isn't time to leave the city"

(1 edit)

That means you're in a part of the main story with stuff to do inside the city. It happens 99% of the time when you're missing a team member or when it isn't daytime. Just keep playing the main story, you'll get another chance to go outside ^^

Edit.: someone just pointed out that they're unable to leave the city after completing chapter IX. If that's your case, sorry it's totally my fault! The issue is gonna be fixed in the next update. For now you can still do the side quests at any point before he end of chapter IX ;-;


Its fine, I'll wait for the next part :D


I just wanted to ask, do you accept fanart (even bad ones ><)?? Your character designs are really fun to draw!! 

Oh I absolutely do! I'd be honored! xD

Also thanks! <3 I wanted to keep the characters simple so I wouldn't have to edit the sprites too much, but had worked on them (especially Lianna and Mao) for a few years before settling with these versions.

Btw, the only social media I actively use is Instagram. If you have a profile there, feel free to post it and I'll make sure to share it! You can find me by @tiagoxningenjanai


Waiting for the chapter 9 to come out

I'm glad you're excited for it, but I'm sorry. I still haven't even started working on it yet. The plan is still to release all 12 chapters this year, but I've been a little too busy lately ;-;

All the bugs found in the last patch are already fixed tho, so I'm considering releasing v0.8.2 with the fixes meanwhile lol


Is there a way to get my progress back? I lost all my progress. I use a pc 

(1 edit)

If you play the downloadable version for PC, your saves should always stay in the game folder. If you play the browser version tho, sometimes the saved data suddenly disappears. I have no idea when and why this happens, so there isn't much I can do, sorry. ;-;

At any rate, to alleviate this issue I added a feature that lets you skip to any chapter in the game by interacting with the window in Lianna's bathroom. You'll get a boost in levels and money too, but have to redo any side quests. I hope that helps and you have fun!


ohh, ok. Thx :D


oh boy, finally got a new computer, so its time to enjoy this all over again!

wonder where that piece of mythrill that i missed is...  (no one give me spoilers i will find it myself)

Loving how the game is turning out, still amazing work  (^o^)/

Thanks a lot! I hope you have fun! xD

Right now you can get 4 mithril ores in the game (tho 1 is missable, but I'm thinking of a way to allow you to go back and get it if you missed it). Not gonna say anything else tho!


I got all four.

Oh nice! Good job! xD

It seems it's about time I add a challenge worth of mithril gear into the game fufufu...

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! I'm playing this game on my android tablet and I can still play the game with the touch ui but I can't hear the sound for some reason. I checked the settings but the bgm volume is 100 percent so I don't know if this is because I'm playing this on mobile or what the problem is. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.

I'm sorry you had this issue!

Honestly I don't know much about programming (which is why I made the game in RPG Maker lol) so I'm not really sure how to help. ;-;

The browser version tends to be pretty buggy, so I always recommend people download the windows version if they can. When I tried the web version on my phone on Chrome it worked mostly fine (aside from the long loading times and delayed sound effects), so I'd suggest trying a different browser.

I hope you can get the issue fixed!


Hello! Thank you so much for replying and I will try doing what you said but I wanted to ask you if we could keep in contact because I've been wanting to make my own game in RPG maker but I don't really know how. I'm sorry if this request sounds really sketchy and weird but I don't have any weird intentions. If you want we could even stop chatting after you taught me the basics of how to use RPG maker. No pressure in accepting this request I just want someone to teach me 

Oh don't worry! RPG Maker is super simple tho, and I literally learned 90% of what I needed in one week. I mostly followed a pretty short playlist online on RPGM MV (the one I used is MZ, but both versions are so similar I didn't really have any problems). Let me link it to you:

And after you're done you may wanna check "RPG Maker MV Tutorial: 20 Epic Tips and Tricks!" by Echo607 on youtube, as some of the tips were pretty useful to me. (I just wanted to copy/paste the link here but whenever I do it just opens a miniature of the video itself lol)

Anyway any problems that pop up are easily fixed by a google search, but feel free to ask me if you're having a hard time with anything. I'm mostly around on Instagram: @tiagoxningenjanai

I hope that helps! ^^


Thank you so much! Reading back on my message I realized how paranoid I was. Sorry about that but thank you for the tips

No worries. I hope you have fun making your game! (^^)/


Just finished the Huyuchi quest. It was a fun side quest. Noticed a possible error in the underground cave. When encountering the first crystal, the characters appear to talk in some random language. I thought maybe the game had a Spanish option or something, but when I checked the settings there did not appear to be any other languages so I am not sure what happened.


I'm glad you had fun!

The crystal is just a leftover from the first version of the update, which I make in Portuguese so a few friends can play. I always end leaving smth behind by mistake lol. It's gonna be in English like everything else in the next update, don't worry xD

It's pretty minor but here's what they say, in case you're curious:

Lianna: This time there's an ice wall on the way.

Jeanne: I fear I may not be able to push it.

Shida: How about we try a Fire Element spell?

Lianna: Oh, good idea! It shouldn't be hard to melt it.

Cast Embers? Yes/No.

Deleted 162 days ago

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for translating. 

(1 edit) (+1)

hey its me again so i made a thought and a suggestion, in the ice village you can buy herbs for 8 copper and if you buy 6 you get a 2 copper gain and I thought that the price should go up maybe enough so that 2 copper gain isn't there or something else i don't really know but i thought it would be a good idea

Edit: i just realized in the game description it says: "There, she would begin a new life with a new identity while following the instructions given my her Master" i think you meant "given by her master"


You're single handedly discovering of the game's exploits xD

But yeah, when I first priced the herbs (which you can also buy in Mappi Village), I thought about making them a super inconvenient way of grinding Coppers. But yeah, maybe I should increase the price at least so you gain at most 1 Copper per herb idk...

As for Lianna's teacher, I always use uppercase M when she refers to him. I wonder if it'd make more sense to restrict that to Lianna's lines only tho, and go lowercase when someone else (or even a narrator) says it.


hey at least someones telling you insted of just abusing them 1 copper sounds good I'm fine with it being there but at least making it REALLY tedious 


the captlization wasent what i was saying the i was walking about the my in that sentence

(1 edit) (+1)

Ohhhhh it's true! Sorry I'm dumb xD

Gonna fix it now. Thanks!

(But dang how did I leave that mistake there for almost a year lol)


and no one else told you

I guess not many people read the game's description idk

I for one just wrote it once and never checked it again lol


Also I redid the calculations here and yeah. For every 48C you spend buying herbs, you get 50 back. Sooo... good luck using that to earn Coppers lol.


i did tiago thats how i payed for the seer (worst money I've spent)

Oh gosh I'm so sorry xD

But I guess that's how we learn not to trust shady fortune tellers lol


Where we can obtain more mithril? Already forged my 4 pieces of them


I think we got to wait till the next update my fren

(1 edit)

Right now we can forge 6 items, so my plan is to hide at least 2 more throughout the game in future updates (likely in side content).

Lianna's top tier staff and robes aren't made of mithril, but I may or may not hide a mithril bangle somewhere. (And no, mithril bandanas aren't a thing lol)


the other one might be the mithril earring for Mao

Well earrings are more of a Shida thing (as he already wears a mithril earring by default). Tho honestly I'm considering making a scarf item and fix it to Mao's head slot (like Lianna's hat) for the final version. Not sure yet!


another thing! were you supposed to win the ice battle instantly by using incense or is this a kobold king like thing


Oh gosh you're not! The Spirit and elementals are supposed to be immune to it! I knew I'd forget to add the block incense flag when making some new enemy ;-;

Thanks a lot for pointing that out. It's gonna be fixed in the next update!


your welcome


me again i hope im not a bother but I was going through side quests and things and just exploring when I found weird diary (part 1) is that a side quest not implemented yet or am I getting confused 

(1 edit)

Oh it's gonna be part of a super secret side quest, but right now there's only one part of the diary in the game. I'm likely going to change where every part is found too so it's possible it's gonna be kinda buggy too (not sure yet). Either way, don't worry about it for now xD

(And don't worry, you're far from a bother)

(Edit: and omg you made Lianna your profile pic?!?! <3)


yes i Did and i made it her disstresed sprite because I love maos and hers there funny


also i got tricked i spent a bit getting money to see the forutuene from the seer... and I already got the answer to the misty woods puzzle I got tricked 

Well that's why we don't trust fortune tellers lol

The fortune teller is just the way for players to get the solution to the puzzle early. If you already know it (or are just too persistent) you can actually go to Huyuchi as soon as chapter 4!


Another isekai'd man


hey how do we know they aint a woman Tiago could do ANYTHING with that


Well revealing their gender could help in discovering their identity so let me keep this a secret for now lol


heyo its me just did the story so far and I'm at the snow village um I don't think the inns working thought I should let you know

I just checked and it's working fine with me. Did you talk to the lady twice? All the shops in Huyuchi have a little introduction before you can start using their services.


i couldent even talk to the lady at all

That's so weird!

If you walk behind the counter to talk to her model directly, nothing is supposed to happen. But if you stand in front of the counter facing her and press Z the dialogue window should pop up just like with any other merchants. If you're using a mouse or playing on mobile, you may have to click/tap twice, once to move your character in place, and once to actually talk with her.


oh i was just hitting space as that what made the other merchents work ill check


so i just checked its fixed... dont know why it didn't work last night but hey its fixed


I think I may have grinded a little too much, I expected that mythrill stuff to cost more, but I'm not complaining. Loving how the story is turning out, I will do my best to cease my excited vibrations until the next chapter! \(^o^)/  

Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks a lot! xD

Yeah the mithril equipment is kinda cheap since you're just paying for the work (you're already giving the materials). But I might increase the price as depending on what equipments you have on at the time, selling them will leave you with more money than you started lol.


so i found this first on KBH games and gosh I love this and can really relate to the MC gal being born a male myself and wanting to transiton into a woman, hekin chears my fren

Oh my, I'm happy my little game connected with you! Also I hope you can get your transition, though we don't have magic in real life unfortunately <3

The story is pretty close to the end too so I hope you will stick around to see it xD

(I only upload here on Itch and Newgrounds btw, so I suggest you play here from now on since I can't tell how often sites like KBH games update)

(2 edits) (+1)

oh i kbh games only has up to chapter 3 and from what i can tell this is farther then kbh so yeah I'm here now but keep making a fun story (ps love the art)


Thank youu! xD

Right now the story here goes all the way to chapter 8 (out of 12). Tomorrow I'm also releasing another update with more side content, actually. Anyway, I hope you have fun! ^^


Beautiful and very charming game, I'm loving how many choices there are as well and the combat is very nicely balanced so that its challenging but not frustrating. Looking forward to further updates and will gladly help if needed  with testing  :D 

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying my little game <3

I always make new content in Portuguese before translating it so my friends who can't speak English can play it, so they kind of accidentally become my testers already lol

Even so, there're always bugs that find their way to the final versions, some of which I'd never find on my own, so if you find any feel free to comment here and I'll have them fixed in the following updates xD

Speaking of updates, not sure how far you are in the game right now, but this week we're having another!

(1 edit) (+1)

Finished everything thats in so far including the lake town side quest so Im pretty hyped for the update <3. Will let you know about bugs but so far I havent encountered any if I remember correctly

Ohhh nice! And thanks again! xD

I suppose you already read it in the closing notes, but the next update is bringing Huyuchi Village (to snowy place after the Misty Woods). When it arrives, you can just go inside and pretend you didn't have to wait lol

(And after it just save the game inside Lianna's room and the next chapter will start whenever it's released.)


Ah, can't wait for the next update

I just finished it today actually (the side quest, bug fixes, balancing...)

Just give me a couple of days and everything will be translated! xD


This game rocks


Thanks! xD

(2 edits) (+1)

I finished the chapter where Lianna meets Mao's parents, but when he leaves her at the inn, I'm just kinda stuck. She can't leave the town and staying at the inn does nothing to start the next day. Not sure of it's bug or I need to interact with a certain event to trigger the ending?


Hmm... Well, I replayed the entire game before uploading the last patch, so it's likely not a bug. After Mao leaves Lianna at the inn's door, you just have to walk back to her room upstairs. You don't have to talk to the inn's receptionist, just walk up the stairs.

(In a previous version paying the 10C for the heal teleported you inside her room, but recently I made so the screen just fades to black for a moment and you stay in the same place. This way players wouldn't get the false impression this is the intended way to get to Lianna's room and pay 10C every time without need)


Thank you. I've advanced the game. It's been couple weeks since I last played the game and I can't remember if I figured out I could go up the stairs at the end of the day or always paid the receptionist since you can't use the stairs during the day. Changing it so we don't necessarily have to pay at the end of the day was a smart move since I ran into that problem myself. I only had 6c and couldn't leave the city to fight monsters. Fortunately, I had not taken the 4c from the fountain yet, but I could have been stranded otherwise.

I am trying to think if there is a way to make it less confusing for a player who might not think of going up the stairs when they normally have to pay. Maybe if at the end of the day, the receptionist options could change to "No" and "End day(0c)"?

Anyway, I want to say I am really impressed with all the work you have put into this game. I have dabbled in RPGs myself and know how much effort is to create maps, dialogue and keep variables straight even in a short game, let alone one as long as yours. Looking forward to continuing the adventure :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I kinda like your idea xD

Well, you can go upstairs literally anytime though. The only places I set switches to prevent the player from moving are the guild and the city gates, so if the player forgets what to do they don't just go running off the entire world trying to figure it out lol. But RPG Maker and it's events are kinda weird and changing priorities may make one impossible to interact, so at some point I may have messed up the upstairs event and given you a false impression. If so, oops, sorry!

I may just make Lianna's message clearer saying something like "time to walk upstairs" now and then so the player knows what to do from the start, and the receptionist not teleporting you to the room should help too. It also doesn't help this is an early access game so it's easy to forget basic stuff between updates ;-;

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing! It's weird to say the journey is pretty close to ending, but I hope to see you through to the end! <3


Now that you mention it, I do recall being able to walk into the hotel room -- you just couldn't rest unless you talked to the receptionist. I believe I was consciously walking upstairs to end the day for the first (5?) chapters I played in succession, but the instinct slipped my mind due to taking a break for a few weeks. I think I even had a false memory of Lianna saying "I have to talk to the receptionist first" after going to "normal" inns in other towns where going upstairs triggered a "you have to pay a room first" message. I agree having Lianna say it's time to go upstairs would probably be the best way to resolve this.  It is always surprising just how often the hardest "glitch" to avoid is actually human players just not understanding what they are supposed to do...


Now things suddenly got really deep xD

Since Lianna already owns a room in Eastwall's inn, the ones in Mappi Village are the only ones that give you a message when you try going upstairs, so maybe that's where your memory comes from.

I know it's kinda weird having to pay to get the heal in Eastwall when Lianna already has a room, but I made it that way so players don't feel the need to walk all the way back from anywhere just to get a free heal (I know I'd do it lol). But we can just imagine we're paying for another room for Jeanne and Mao instead, since Lianna's only has one bed.


it would be nice if there was a option called "chapter or mission cancel".because sometimes you want to do something before starting a mission or chapter but can't. 

(1 edit)

Agreed, tho I'm not sure how to implement this without breaking the game lol

The missions rarely lock you in a path though. And I also always give players the chance to safely do whatever they want (like pick side quests, sell items etc) at the end of every chapter, before handing the money. I call it a limbo between chapters xD

Also none of the side quests are missable now, so you can literally do them anytime you like as long as you have your whole party with you. So if you don't feel like doing any now, feel free to leave them for later. Just beware that giving the receptionist the money at the end of a main mission will dispatch your companions and start the next chapter! And if you you're in the middle of a quest but don't feel like doing it anymore, most times you can just leave the area and do something else instead.

I hope that helps!


So is the power_ring, protection_ring, & philosopher's_ring not meant to be obtainable anymore unless they are setout along the path of the story?

The accessories shop menu looks rather plain & empty now. I noticed the cloth bandana in place of the witches hat that is now bound upon Liannas head.

The broken bridge area's looking great. I see you've upgraded the seats in the mansion & removed the table. The master seat does look a bit small now, perhaps its graphics could be enlarged.

The void table shall be remembered.

(1 edit) (+1)

lol Thanks for pointing all that out. You really are looking into everything thorougly.

Yeah I agree feeling like the accessories' shop is a little empty now compared to the other ones, selling mostly bangles for Lianna's shield slot (funny how the accessory shop now mostly sell shield items lmao). The reason is part lore related and part just for the game's progression honestly. I didn't make a lot of accessories, and most of them being magical items link them either to the magic shop (selling robes and stones) or to ancient ruins (where you'll find most rings). There's another character planned who wears earrings but I'm not sure yet if I'll let you edit his accessory slot yet, nor if it'd make sense to let Eastwall's shop sell gear for a late game character. I'll think of something but feel free to give ideas xD

Also my plan is to have every single accessory be found somewhere in the game world, while most of them (especially the weak versions) should be available for purchase. This way you can still make all the possible builds, but their most powerful versions are gated behind exploration and/or coin.

And yes I updated some of the game's chairs.  Most of them were just stools or huge wooden thrones lol. I gave Mr Peccora a proper fancy chair too but I understand if you think it's small. I like the design tho but I'm scared of messing with the sprites. It's pretty minor but I'll see what I can do xD

The void table will never be forgotten.


Purchased them all fortunately

Well it's alright, it's a game in development xD

In the final version I'm likely going to reduce the level requirement for several skills, as the late game expected level seems to be lower than I anticipated. I can't do that now tho cause if you're already in a level to learn a new skill or passed it, you're gonna miss it forever. ;-; So I'm saving this kind of change to the final version.

(3 edits) (+1)

(Spoilers for players) Hi! I love your game, I started playing >1month ago, I play from the newgrounds browser version, I just brute forced & wrote down a cheat code for your mythril mountain puzzle 😅pls don't change it when the village is eventually added.

 I see what you mean by the flame_rag being super bugged, there's now a stack of 2 N/A items in its place after beating chapter 1, I'm about to start chapter 5 so I don't know if cindy can use it yet. 

There's a table that's supposedly in the Peccora mansions walls, in the bottem right corner of the darkness to be specific, I find this accidental quantum table amusing :D

I'm glad the box interrupting the cutscene is gone on the Ng version.

Edit 1: it's only gone if you use the debug window in the latest update if you immediately make a new game

Edit 2((.2) I changed this edit after it deleted it because I switched to a dif tab to test this.) It is passable from that point if you open the starting page from the game link in ng and then proceed the way I said the first time. (I saved the browser launcher before you fixed this in the favourite folder, it's still able to open newly made playthrough saves but it reverts them to the previous submission version       (-_-') . ) 

Edit 3: very happy I didn't lose a 2nd 6-8h playthrough 😊 sorry for my long rambling, I hope someone finds the first 2 edits I made useful if they have an intact save before chapter 5 if they did the same as me, (they just need to boot up from the most recent release)

You should feel proud of yourself for this wonderful game & any people you teamed with to develope it ♡.


What that table in peccora mansion do?

If you mean the food out of bounds, it's just a little trick I use to store assets that only show up during cutscenes. I just leave them at the dark corners at the map and teleport them in place when the cutscene needs it. I do this for most NPCs, side quest triggers, and stuff like food, the tent in chapter 4 etc.


Oh my gosh, thanks a ton! xD

As for the misty woods, don't worry, I'm not gonna change it. You're not the first person to brute force your way through lol (though you can totally just learn the solution in mappi village from the guru or by doing a certain side quest available in the guild at the end of chapter 7)

I'm not sure what you mean with the flame rag being bugged though. Do you mean the item or the skill with the same name Cindy can use? If it's the latter, thanks to you I just realized I made a mistake flagging the skill as magic, which prevented Cindy from even using it in the first place lol. It's gonna be fixed in the next version.

As for the table in Peccora farm's mansion, I think you just mean the food out of bounds? If so, it's just a trick I do all the time for stuff that only show up in cutscenes. There's the food in the mansion, the tent in chapter 4, most of the characters involved in cutscenes etc. Just the marvels of game development xD

I think you meant the box in Cindy's basement that was getting in the way of her moving in the cutscene? The box is always there, just invisible during chapter 5. It was getting in the way because NPCs can't walk over events (even invisible ones) unless I give them the "through" effect (basically no collision).

The debug window in Lianna's bathroom is still in development so expect it to be super buggy. I only recommend you use it if you lose your save file in the browser version, and only while making a fresh new save.

And finally, don't worry. Ramble as much as you like. It shows the game means something to you which makes me really happy xD

And thanks again! I didn't really team up with anyone to make this game, but I got many free assets from RPG Maker forums (credits are in the patch notes), and plan on commissioning someone to draw a title art for the game, as I suck at writing pretty lmao

Chapter 8 is coming out later this week so stay tuned! ^^


@Seanlucidity i think the puzzle to pass the Misty Woods is pretty easy though. There are some very obvious clues

Well it's pretty easy to just spam save and load  but the intended way is to find the solution in the village xD


No, there is some sign on the road

You mean the stones? Well, they aren't 100% reliable, but are a leftover from when I was building the place and had to know the right way myself xD


This is so much fun! I'm so excited for the next chapter, I'm going to check back every week! I don't even know what I hope happens next... Every character is so well made and has so much to learn about them! Also i forgot to heal before I fought the Kobold King again, so I used incense and accidentally won, lol

I'm so happy to hear it! Chapter 8 is coming out this week actually (I only need to replay the whole game to make sure everything is working fine since I made some changes to existing content), so stay tuned! (^^)v

As for the kobold king thing, you're actually just supposed to run away and come back later when you're stronger. If you survive 3 turns Lianna even mentions the incense to make sure the player know it's an option. So congrats on figuring that out xD

(The incense was such a pain to program since different things happen if you use it against different enemies, some having no effect, some running away and some even getting extra aggressive. And I'm still sure there're some bugs related to it left, but it was all worth it lol)


Thanks for all your hard work! I know I definitely appreciate it!

OMG only now did I get what you meant about the kobold king LMAO I'm so sorry!

I didn't realize using the incense in the rematch caused you to instantly win and thought you meant the first fight. I found the bug now and it's gonna be fixed in the next patch. But well, enjoy your accidental discovery xD


i am in chapter 6 so far, i have seen multiple plot twists which are so funny. this never fails to surprise me! great work

Oh my, I'm glad to hear it. Thanks a lot! xD

Right now the game only goes as far as chapter 7, but 8 is coming out this week so stay tuned!


I forgot the name of this game but then I finally found it! And there's some updates I missed! I blew up in laughter when " Jon Nightblade " said kinda sus. I just found that so funny.

LMAO welcome back! Right now we have 7 chapters released, and chapter 8 should come out in 1 or 2 weeks, so perfect timing xD

As for Jon Nightblade... there may be more to that name than it first seems ;)


When the chapter 8 Will be released? And Will leaving Jack the talking donkey alive Will give additional benefit?

Chapter 8 is actually already finished. I just have to translate it (and decide wether the new village and its content will be released along with it or on the following update). Either way, it should be out in one or two weeks, so stay tuned!

As for Jack... Well, he stays alive either way. The choice is to just do what he wants or what Mr.  McLoughlin wants. I don't want to spoil anything, but let's say the real choice is between money and a clear conscience xD (if you actually believe Jack is right and gonna be safe, that is)


Can you include the huyuchi village?

Well I'm working on it right now xD

The village is gonna be released soon anyway. The chapter is pretty small so I'm considering releasing the village in the same update. That'd take a few more weeks though, as the village is going to have a quest that gets you through 2 other different areas, which is why I'm considering splitting the update in two again.

But don't worry, both will definitively be out this month!


Well, how about the addition of library? When Will it?

You'll get to enter the library during chapter 8, don't worry xD


I did the new side quest, and have decided that the humans are not nice people.

Also, I love the suspense around the whole N.B. thing, can't wait to see how that turns out!   (N.B. stands for something because I don't want to spoil it)

Loving how the game is turning out, am looking forward to the next chapter!

Keep up the amazing work (^O^)

Ohh Thank's a lot! xD

But well, I'm afraid we're all humans here (I think?) Even if we don't necessarily mean evil,  it's undeniable we can mess up other people's live pretty bad by just following the tides. Anyway, I imagine the themes behind the interactions between humans and the beast-people are pretty clear by now. I only hope I'm dealing with them well.

As for the N.B. thing (assuming I'm not just being stupid and misunderstanding), just you wait! Chapter VIII should come out in one or two weeks! ^^ (it'll take a while for everything to be solved tho, I'm afraid lol)


omg i found this game on creetor and it was so FUN!! I've already indoctrinated half my friends... the only problem was the creetor version ended at the almost kiss scene :') (talk about cliffhanger), so im super excited to play more!!!!

(3 edits)

Oh gosh that's really nice to hear! Thanks a lot! <3

I personally only uploaded the game to Itch and Newgrounds, but I did find some copies of the web version on other sites lol (I'm assuming Creetor was a similar case). Here on Itch the game is always up to date and currently has 7 out of 12 chapters, so feel free to play here and I hope you have fun! xD

(Btw, I suggest you download the windows version if you can, as it's more stable and some people randomly lose their save files in the browser version after I update the game. If you happen to join such unlucky people, I added a debug feature to let you skip to any chapter if you interact with the window on Lianna's bathroom.)


Thanks for the heads up!! I'll make sure to download it :D


It would be cool if mao has a sword throw or backstab the way how many spells and skills have you added to the game?and which enemy drops the highest coins(I'm kinda low on coins)?


I Saw some more classes and skills in the game code, but i'ts not like they will be accesible ,BTW you can collect herb for ccoin, just go to the guild and grab herb collecting side quest on the board. You can go either to the south Woodlands or graveyard,graveyard is superior in coins and herb i think.but i'ts basically depends of your current level.

Well noted! Aside from the 3 main, some playable characters join the team for some quests as you probably already noticed. The plan is for there to be a new one added in a major side quest as well, and maybe for everyone to be recruitable at a whim in the post game. Most of the classes you found in the files are probably the default ones (from 0001 swordsman to 0008 bandit), which I kept as a guide for balancing my custom ones. And there're also the class changes as part of the story (we only had one so far tho).


If you can recruit people at will in the post game... can the sheep be an option?

That'd be just... PERFECT!!!

I did set a flag wether the sheep lived or died in the fight, so might as well use it again for a future hidden mini quest that lets you recruit it...? xD

(1 edit)

Thanks for the ideas! Mao has an ultimate skill he will unlock as part of a side quest, which is gonna be a high risk high reward move. I'd love to give him a backstab or stealth attack skill that only works if he uses "hide" first (much like some skills in Darkest Dungeon), but I don't think the default RPG Maker lets me do that ;-;

As for spells, Lianna learns her final level up offensive spell at lv 7, and two more utility skills. She will unlock an ultimate spell as part of the main quest soon tho. On top of that, there're also ice and lightning spells she can learn from magic tomes, but for now only a lightning one is hidden in the game, and there's a more or less hidden ice spell tome you will be able to get during chapter VIII (which I plan on releasing next month).

As for being low on coin, feeling broke all the time is mostly intentional lol. But a good way of getting Coppers is handing over your surplus of herbs after you finish a mission, like the other comment said, as well as just exploring well and selling your old gear at any shop. I hope that helps! (^^)/


How 'bout a "charge" skill which when used mao will charge up and the next attack or skill have increased damage.And also it feels weird that the enemies can use poison while we can't. 

I'll think about the charge thing. I'm trying to keep the systems simple and he already has so much damage but who knows lol.

About poison, yeah, I like that. Except I'll probably have to give the player a weaker variant since taking 10% of a boss' health would be overkill xD

Mao can't make his own poison tho, and I don't think I can make an item like the fire rag that gives normal attacks a chance to poison enemies unfortunately.  But maybe a consumable item like the kobolds' grenade could work. I'm going to add a side quest soon which allows you to buy fire bombs, so maybe doing the same for the poison ones could be cool!

BTW, i don't want to spoil but maybe you missed a lot of items scattered around city, graveyard, and some trails.

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