v0.8.0 available!

v0.8.0 is here, folks! It doesn't have a lot of action, as it's mostly here to develop the plot, so I hope the story you get is worth it xD

Huyuchi Village is already in development and should be out in the next update too, so stay tuned!

Patch notes below:

- Added chapter VIII into the game, as well as the areas explored in it

- Removed the Lich rematch side quest from the game, as I have other future plans concerning the graveyard (if you happened to do the side quest in a previous version, the game will just treat it as if you defeated back in chapter II)

- Added the minor "Find the missing kitty" side quest for players who finished chapter 3's main quest (this is supposed to properly introduce new players to the side quest system, aside from the repeatable herb-collecting one)

- Now Mao's "Hide" skill also buffs his accuracy

- The lake monster side quest is only available after completing the talking donkey one, making sure you're already been to mappi village before doing it

- Now you can only accept side quests if you have your entire party with you (except for the herb gathering one)

- Fixed the bug in which Cindy's Flame Rag skill didn't even show up

- The Stimulant item now can only be used in battle

- Fixed the bug in which Cindy would have the "target" effect for her first battle (you can thank the ogre and RPG Maker's weird mechanics for that lol)

- There were too many white wolves in the early game, so now they'll only start showing up in chapter 3 as a lone enemy, and in groups in late game areas like Misty Woods
- Made some changes to shops (like removing most of the enchanted rings from their stocks keeping redundancy at a minimum)

- Made some minor changes to existing content, as always


Witch Hat v0.8.0 (browser).zip 44 MB
Jun 10, 2022
Witch Hat v0.8.0.zip 132 MB
Jun 10, 2022

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