v0.8.1 available!

This is it, folks! v0.8.1 is out and with it Huyuchi Village! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest you do both of Mappi Village's side quests available in the Adventurers' Guild. The last one is available after the end of chapter VII, btw.

I hope you have fun! (^^)/

Patch notes below:

- Added Huyuchi Village and its first main quest into the game

- Added a new playable character for Huyuchi's quest: Shida Khalin, the Spirit Archer

- Fixed the bug in which, in the kobold king rematch, using Cindy's Incense would make you win the fight

- Fixed the bug in which the cutscene didn't play properly if you tried fighting the kobold king again right after running away from it

- Fixed the bug in the cutscene after defeating the kobold king that didn't make Mao and Jeanne's NPC model disappear after the cutscene

- Made some changes to the stock of Eastwall's shops (in particular the magic shop, accessory shop and alchemist)

- Increased the minimum damage of many attacks

- Removed Jeanne's ability to equip light armor, which is now exclusive to Mao

- Nerfed the defense of magic robes as Lianna was tanking all magic attacks too easily (they grant you magic attack in return)

- Nerfed all the helmets, as the defense they gave along with shields and armor was just too much

- Nerfed the Sorcerer's Stone and Philospher's Ring

- Reduced the amount of turns the Silence status can last

- Buffed the damage of the Kobold Grenades

- Made some minor changes to existing content, as always

Overall progress: around 75%


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Jun 21, 2022
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Jun 21, 2022

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