v0.9.0 available!

v0.9.0 (chapter 9) is out! It's the longest one yet! I hope you have fun! <3

Patch notes below:

- Added chapter IX into the game, as well as the related areas and enemies

- Added a minor sidequest in which you collect kobold grenades for Cindy

- Made it so the "debug window" in Lianna's bathroom can only be used in a fresh new playthrough

- Buffed the Fireball's accuracy (from 75% to 85%), as it was too unreliable compared to the other offensive options

- Fixed the bug that made it possible to walk over the withered trees in the overworld

- Made minor changes to already existing content


Witch Hat v0.9.0 (browser).zip 52 MB
Aug 31, 2022
Witch Hat v0.9.0.zip 140 MB
Aug 31, 2022

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I noticed you also decreased the kobolds health in the update because of the quest, i think? they have around 900hp now right? before the update I remember them soaking up around 1500 damage points each.

remember to focus on yourself as well as your project ♡.

Kobold grenadiers have 600 and warriors have 700. I didn't change that in any update tho.

That said, even if the enemy only has 1 hp left, if you deal 800 damage the number 800 will pop up, so maybe that's the illusion you were having xD

Also thanks a lot! <3

I'm thinking about releasing both chapter 10 and 11 in one single update due to the nature of the stories told, but nothing confirmed yet!